Wiki books in PDF

Formatting to PDF by RenderX
XML to PDF formatter.

Wb2PDF is an online application which helps converting WikiBooks into well-formatted books in many formats.

How to use the service.

  1. Choose a link from Options: OR
    • Drag a link from the address field in your browser of the wikibook you want to format to the Wikibooks URL field.
  2. Enter your email address to which a link will be sent to allow you to display or download formatted document.
  3. Chose additional formatting options.
  4. Check if this file is already available in PDF/PS.

Books generated with default formatting options are stored on the server for fast downloading later on. To check if the book with given URL has already been generated press Check existence button. An opportunity to download it will be given instead of generating it again. Resetting formatting options to default values can be done with the Default button.

A full list of previously generated books can be found in Books collection.

How does it work.

A specified page is recursively scanned for URLs starting with the URL specified. All found pages are included in the book as chapters in order of appearance.